12 August 2008

New tattoo

My new tattoo. Its on my left calf and about 8.25 inches in length

08 August 2008

The Bomb Theodore Taylor

The Ragamuffin Gospel Brennan Manning

One for the Road Tony Horwitz

Everything Must Change Brian D. McLaren

Uncle Tungsten Oliver Sacks

Water for Elephants Sara Gruen

Two Sides of a Cypress Wall Joel Frey

Ruthless Trust Brennan Manning

The Worthing Saga Orson Scott Card

Nature Girl Carl Hiaasen

C.S. Lewis in a Time of War Justin Phillips

Fletch Gregory McDonald

The Church in Emerging Culture Leonard Sweet

Burnt Bones Michael Slade

God's Politics Jim Wallis

The Dream Giver Bruce Wilkinson

Cryptonomicon Neal Stephenson

Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdain

This is My God: The Jewish Way of Life Herman Wouk

A Feast of Snakes Harry Crews

Born Fighting Jim Webb

The Memory of Earth Orson Scott Card

Faith of My Fathers John McCain

Seventh Son Orson Scott Card

The War of the Worlds H.G. Wells

31 July 2008

Me and Secretary of State

Peace Corps with the Secretary of State

29 July 2008

Cool Sunset.
Cool Flower

What Gummi worms look like after being mailed to samoa.

28 July 2008
I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks. On the 18th-19th my friend Erin came out to stay for a couple of days. There was a trash cleanup a village just down the road on Saturday. She biked out to my place Friday we watched movies and cooked a nice dinner of steak and pasta in marinara sauce. That Saturday we biked to sally’s village for the trash pickup. After that we came back to my place and watched more movies. We tried to cook pancakes but they stuck horribly to the electric frypan and Erin burned her leg on it. This past weekend Secretary of State Rice was in Samoa for three hours. Peace Corps got to go meet her for a photo op. It was fun everybody was freshly showered and wearing clean and nice clothes. It just not something you see often if at all. Every once and awhile some people will look nice but not so many of us. We saw Rice for a few minutes. She said what we were doing was good and all that stuff. When I get a copy of the picture I will post it.

14 July 2008

this and that

11 July 2008
There are certain things that I have come to appreciate since coming here. One is indoor plumbing. Well not even indoor plumbing so much as lights in or even close to the toilet or shower. If I wish to shower at night I have to get it done before 6:30ish or it’s too dark. I have propped up a flashlight but it’s weird. Also I am not a fan of using a headlamp to use the bathroom at night. Even though I have an outhouse I think it’s closer to me than the bathroom at my parents house.
There are 3 things that I have brought with me that have proved to be indispensible. The first is duct tape, if I have to explain this you are just missing out on one of the greatest assets ever. The next was a surprise to me and it is a travel sewing kit. I have no idea how many times I have used this kit. I’ve sewn buttons on shirts and pants, mended bags, sheets, and shorts, and stitched up the knife wound in my leg. OK there was no knife wound, figured this blog could use some action. The last is my Leatherman. I have had this for probably had this for almost 10 years and have used it more the past year than all other years combined. Pretty sure I have used ever tool on it. Might have to look into getting a new one when I come home as some spots are getting rusty mainly the hinges and WD-40 only helps so much.

07 July 2008

Happy Birthday America

6 July 2008
Friday was the second 4th of July that I have spent in a foreign country. Last year was spent out at a volunteers house as I was still in training and part of training was to go spend a few days with a volunteer. Though I haven’t celebrated the 4th in many years. 2 years ago I was working at Wal-Mart, 3 I was working at camp probably at a camp fire for 4-6th grade boys, 4 I was an intern at a church and busy working on getting something set up/ organized that I missed the 4th, 5 years ago I was at MTSU watching the fireworks that’s the last time I celebrated in true fashion.
An embassy party for the 4th of July is not how I would like to celebrate the 4th or any event really. There was no grill the food was appetizers carried around the place by waiters. The appetizers weren’t even things American like those little smokes sausages it was sushi, sashimi, little pastries with a blue cheese filling, and things of that such. And there where speeches given by a few people on various things. I didn’t pay to close attention I was looking for a drink person to bring me another drink and a food person so I could snatch another nibble of food. It is incredible hard to get full on food that comes with toothpicks attached. I will be at the function again next year but will be looking forward to a time in 2 years when I will get to celebrate with grilled meats and explosions. After this we headed to a bar for a few drinks and to continue on the celebration in a more American fashion of loudness and cheer.
The next day I was supposed to go and help with a health clinic on Monono but I awake, several times, with diarrhea and decided it would be best if I stayed in bed.
This week I have managed to see all three movies we have at the local cinema, Hancock, The Incredible Hulk, and Get Smart. Get Smart was by far my favorite but It was also a favorite show as a kid. The other two were good ways to kill time but I wasn’t overly impressed. I missed the latest Narnia movie as we only had it here for a week, hopefully it will make its way over here on DVD. It’s not that uncommon for movies to only last a week usually though its comedies that are based off American humor. I think some have lasted less than a week even.
I am still waiting to hear about my grants. I will probably be checking on Tuesday. I say Tuesday because I will probably be coming in to help work on things for career day.
Sitting here at Erin’s I just got bitten by a centipede on my inner thigh. It hurts like hell.